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My name is Nathalie Drewello, a French Caribbean lady living in London, UK for over a decade. I know… a very long time. I like it here because the opportunities are endless. There is no time to get bored as there is always something to discover and get inspired from.
That’s how I have stumbled upon my passions ‘web design and marketing’ many years ago. And since then I get hooked and never looked back.

I love other things too such as travelling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, going to museum, reading, cooking, watching movies, and spirituality.
I also love personal development to better myself and make life easier for me and people around me.

How I work? The web design process

I generally follow the standard web design process that work efficiently for me.

Initiating phase: I take the time to listen to customers’ needs. I make sure that I identify all the information needed for the project including the challenges, the goals, the deadline, the budget etc

I work with all budgets (whenever it’s possible) by adapting my services without losing on quality.

Planning phase: This step is crucial as it determines the project goals, the resources needed from the client. I develop a project schedule for each task. It is important that clients provide on time all the necessary resources (pictures, logo, videos, text, domain name, hosting if want its own, etc) to avoid delay in the project.

Executing and Controlling phase: This is the step where the actual design start for me.  I must develop the vision (company mission) and strategy for the web site. I provide Web site and web page wireframes (structure of the site) and quick design sketches to choose. I gather feedback and revise mock-ups until the client is satisfied.

During the production and testing sub-phase, I put everything together to build the website. Depending on the client’s requirement, I will be building the website using a CMS such as WordPress or I will code it using HTML/CSS and JS if necessary.

Closing and Evaluating phase: At the end of the project, the client must let me know of the acceptance of the website. I will provide all useful information to have access to the files including login details (if applicable).  

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What About The Marketing Side?

If you have already a website, I generally start with a website audit to see where you are. 

Based on the audit result, we discuss how we can improve result.

In addition, I’ll provide you with a marketing strategy that support your objectives. 

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