Brick-and mortar stores do need a website to attract new clients

Local shops often believe that they don’t need a website as their long-time customers know where they are. But what about attracting new clients?

You must be familiar with Google search ‘near me’ where you can look for anything near where you live or where you are in a specific location. So, for example, let say that you fancy eating Thai today but you don’t know if there is one in the neighbourhood. The first reflex would be to check on your mobile phone.

According to the website ‘, (see article here, nearly one third of all of all mobile phone searches are related to location.

I have personally used it numerous times. I must say that I didn’t know so much about this concept ‘near me’. It was only a few months ago that I got aware of it by word suggestion in Google search engine.  The ‘near me’ keyword is quite handy and save a lot of time.

So, if your store is listed on an online directory such as yell, or Google my business, it is more likely that your shop come up in the search. As the result, that shop might have gain a new customer.

Having a website help to communicate the message of your brand

A website enables a company to display not only their services but also help to communicate the message of the brand.

The website is the perfect place for a business to share their values, what they care about and more importantly the promise to their customers.

Don’t assume because you have a physical store and have regular clients coming that they know your company’s mission.

Also, thanks to a website, you can control your reputation by display on it testimonials and feedbacks from clients.

Building relationship through Your website

On a website, companies can capture client’s email through all kind of forms.

And, it is obvious that getting emails and names from a brick-and-mortar store is not always obvious. I have been in shops where I was asked to provide my email for offers or whatever reason. Strangely enough I always hesitate. However, online, I feel that can control what I want to do.

These emails list can be used to communicate any offers or additional services that companies may have. You must have heard very often that ‘the money is in the list’. Once relationship and trust from subscribers have been created, stores can be sure that they sit on a gold mine.

The more credibility a shop earns with clients coming from your list, the more chances they buy from that business.

Selling online bring more income for your business

Having a brick-and-mortar stores are surely an easy way to have clients as they just turn up and see by themselves what are the products and services. However, that does not prevent a shop to expand their market by going online.

Selling online has tremendous advantageous as we all know. Put it simply, selling on a website or via social media channel will bring additional income for a restaurant or a store owner.

It worth to mention that some people prefer to go online than going to a physical shop. Whatever the reason clients have chosen to go online, it makes sense to respond to their needs.

Finally, nowadays having a website is a must even for brick mortar stores. They really need an online presence for attracting new clients and help to communicate their message to their targeted audience. Having an online presence has tremendous potential for even brick mortar stores.

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