Nathalie Drewello

1.Client’s Requirement: Nathalie listens to the client’s request and takes note.

2.Brief Questionnaire: She provides a questionnaire which helps to identify the overall goals, audience, looks etc.

3. Project Scope: We discuss the project, determine features, functionalities of the website, etc.

4. Storyboard: Drawing of the website layout. There will be 3 different design. And the client must choose one of them.

5. Content Gathering: At this stage,  having most of the content would be great. Content are text for the website, images, any video or other material. If the client have no content, Nathalie can help with that (additonal cost will occur).

6. 1st Draft Website: You will be provided with the first draft of the website via screenshot.


7. Client’s Feedback: The Web Designer listens to the client’s feedback and takes note of the changes.

8. 2nd Draft: A second draft of the website is provided with the changes and further development.

9. Client’s feedback: Again, Nathalie listens to the feedback to see what to change or to improve as the website is close to completion.

10. Final design: She will send screenshot of the final design.

11. Testing & Last feedback: Now the website is ready, final check and feedback are necessary before the big day. Some minor adjustment can still be made at this stage.

12. Launch: Finally the big day. The website’s launched. It’s live on the Web! Congratulations!